What is actually needed to film TV commercials for Kägi? A film crew consisting of just under 40 people. Plot scripts for the small emotional narratives. Four filming locations on three days. Eight actors. Good weather. Around 60 Kägis for the actors. An additional 400 Kägis for the crew. And having lots of fun along the way of course also helped.

Four-legged fans on the set

In this instance it was an inquisitive cow. Our actress, Sophia Sommer, a real Toggenburg resident by the way, rehearses a scene for the new Kägi commercials. The director explains how he envisages the scene will unfold. Suddenly, an inquisitive cow enters the scene. And stays. And stays. Attempts at shooing the cow away come to nothing. Filming stops for a short break. A few minutes later the cow returns to stand behind instead of in front of the camera.

Skate & chill

This scene was filmed here in Skatepark Sihlcity. We were given permission to use half of the park for our purposes for half of a day. What thrilled us all on the set was the sunshine. It was outstanding weather for outdoors filming. Naturally all of the skater onlookers were also supplied with Kägis. Later, some of them even participated in our Kägi photoshoot. Our thanks go to the Sihlcity skate crew!

Sweet, sweeter, the sweetest

This is little Mia. She plays the little girl who, with the help of her brother, fashions a small cradle for her doll. Isn't she cute? We lost count of the numbers of times "ahhhhh" was said on the set. By the way, Mia was a true professional and we predict a big screen career for her. We hope she remembers us later on and one day says: "It all started with Kägi!".

In the urban jungle

For this scene, we completely transformed a roof terrace into a jungle. The many plants had to be lifted onto the roof with a crane. And the result – a perfect jungle illusion for our story in which a father and son survive a small adventure together.

After three days, it was all in the can. Countless hours of film footage was then viewed and assessed after the filming, edited and set to music. It then took just under two weeks of further work and our four commercials were ready. Job done! We now hope that you like our commercials and that these will entice you to enjoy our Kägis.